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Thanks for a good run, friends!

Puffzies Owner posted Jan 10, 17
Today we have officially taken the decision to close down Eithon's Minecraft server. This was not an easy decision to make, since it was through Minecraft that Eithon came to be, and since so much time and effort have been put into it over the years. We do however believe that this is the right call and after hearing us out on the reasons we hope that you can agree with us. Although before we get into it we want to make it clear that we are not closing down Eithon. Eithon will continue to exist as a multi-gaming community and will be based around Discord, and we have definitely not lost our interest in providing a great place for our community to hang out! So be sure to join our Discord server by following this link: http://discord.gg/bkA5uCf

We also want take this time to formally thank you for having been a part of the community and if you are one of the ones who have donated we will always be incredibly grateful! The admins all agree that it was great fun while it lasted and that we have learnt so much from this experience. We hope that you will stay for the next chapter as well! With that being said let's get into our reasoning for our decision:

The Eithon minecraft server has always been about the community, none of the admins have really been interested in the game for a very long time, but stuck around for the community aspect. From our side the gameplay element was always just something on the side and the server was just there to function as a platform for the community, a place where you could hang out and talk to people with similar interests.

We do however want to point out that we are not opposed to the idea of having a minecraft server, and you should not be surprised if we decide to open up the server again, if we either regain our love for the game or find suitable people to run it for us.

The server will not close until the 1:st of February, and during this time you are allowed to ask for schematics of your builds if there is anything you want to save. If you want a schematic send the coords and a short description of what you want made into a schematic to any of us admins on Discord in the #sandbox channel and we'll help you out as long as it is yours and not incredibly huge.

Thanks for the good times with the minecraft server!

- Eithon Admin Team

topazcat Citizen I just realised with reading on skype that you both hardly ever use it now... So I gather this will be goodbye :( and ...
topazcat Citizen Well am a bit surprised with your decision there, but I suppose to be expected -shrugs- Just want to wish both you Puf...
LauraRusselsx New Goodbye Eithon! ):

Recent changes and additions!

Neylion Owner posted Aug 30, 16

With August coming to an end we thought it was about time to make a website update post regarding what we have been up to the past month. As always, make sure you join the discord to be the first to know about these changes! http://discord.eithon.net

Before we get into this week's news we would like to point out that there is a tournament hosted by Eithon this weekend with prizes, check out the discord #events channel for more info!

Without further ado, let's get rooooiiight into the news;

  • Mobarena: Balancing changes + New map.
    More information and full changelog can be found here: http://eithon.net/forums/m/26362648/viewthread/27874176-mobarena-balancing-changes-new-map/page/1

  • Random TP
    You can now use "/rtp tp" to go to a random location in the Survival world. Notes (Subject to change):
    • Using the command will only get you a maximum of 3000 blocks away from the usage point, so you will still need to do some exploring if you want to find yourself a spot further away.
    • The command has a cooldown timer currently set at 10 minutes. This is mainly to avoid people from spamming the command to find locations to grief, but also due to the fact that we don't want you to be able to just use the command over and over again to find a good place to build.
      This command aims to be a way to get a good starting point from which you have to rely on exploration to find the place you decide to make your home.

  • Parkour
    You can now test your parkour skills on the server at "/w singleplayer" (TheClimb - Easy / Hard)

  • Towny
    Towny has been added on popular request and we hope it will encourage people to create towns! It is however a huge plugin and we'll have to test and balance it (prices etc) as we go along. Report any bugs to me in a PM on discord or make a report on the forums!
    We have started writing a tutorial on this new plugin here: http://eithon.net/forums/m/26362648/viewthread/28260740-towny-tutorial. It will be expanded on as we go along! PS: This should be considered as a testing period to see how things work out with this new plugin, don't be surprised if we end up removing it if it turns out it is either too glitchy/complicated or just not suited for Eithon's setup!

  • Player Market
    As the market solution we have been waiting for is yet to arrive, I have decided that it's no longer worth waiting for it and have implemented a different Player Market accessible through the command "/w playermarket" (it's right next to the npc market) Quick guidelines how to use it:
    • Put up items with "/market add <price>"
      This will put whatever you are holding in your hand (be it a sword or 34 porkchops), for the price that you decide. Note: You have to stand close to the market to put up items to it.
    • View the market listings by clicking the "Market" npc and buy items by simply clicking them.
    • Withdraw the money you have made from sales by clicking the bank npc and clicking the bottle in the middle Something to keep in mind is that we currenly have a 30% commission set for using the market. This is the default value and is subject to change, but it's a good way to balance the economy and prevent inflation.

  • Plot Review Plugin
    We have now introduced a new (custom) Plot Review plugin. Send in your plot for review with "/plot review submit" and once it has been reviewed you can check the review with "/plot review check <your name>"

  • Builder buffs
    The BuilderT1 and BuilderT2 rank has recieved the following buffs/changes:
    • Worldedit should now be almost instant for both ranks. The price we pay for this new alien technology that allows world edit to process 100 times faster without any lag is that lighting bugs occur now and then. This is however easily fixed with the newly added "//fixlighting" command
    • BuilderT2 now has access to limited Voxel. (To begin with basic ball/cylinder brushes along with the erosion brushes (melt and fill) and overlay brushes)

Apart from this there's also a ton of Discord changes, but those you'll have to head to the Discord server to read!

- Eithon Admin Team

Server update and June log!

Neylion Owner posted Jul 13, 16

Summer is upon us and we are now officially up and running! There are of course things we still need to fix and add, but that will always be the case. From this point on we will try our best to expand Eithon and get an active all around the clock community. Before we get into the update log of June we would therefore like to give you some examples of how you can help us grow the server!

  • Tell your friends about the server!
    This is probably the most effective and helpful way to help us gain players. The problem with new players is that 90% of them are unfit for a community server, being rude, disrespectful and impatient. And if you have decent friends, they probably can count themself as a part of the remaining 10%

  • Donate! 
    Donations helps us stay motivated and all of the money donated goes directly back into Eithon to pay the server & website bills, buying new plugins and advertising. (And even with all the donated money going directly into server expenses, both Puffzies and I pay from our own pockets each month)

  • Vote for the server!
    (You should see a list of websites you can vote on to the left of this post)
    This helps others notice the server as voting on the server puts it in a higher position in server lists.

  • Diamond us on Planetminecraft!
    Shows users that we are a serious server and also makes us gain experience (and levels), which also shows that we are a serious server network

  • Create a nice atmosphere on the server!
    Even though this doesn't exactly help us bring IN players, it certainly helps with making sure they stay once they have joined. Eithon is a community focused server and we need your help to make it live up to that! Welcome players, help and chat with eachother, answer questions etc etc.

All that being said, let's get into the june update log! (And a little bit of July news since this post was delayed a bit)
As always, these changes are announced right away on our Discord server so if you want to be the first to know about server changes, make sure you join us on discord.eithon.net! (If you haven't downloaded discord you can do so here: www.discordapp.com/download)

  • We are continuing our quest to turn Eithon into a multi-gaming community and have therefore done a lot of work on our Discord server, which acts as our base platform for our community. You can now listen to music together in the music channel, participate in tournaments, chat with people in minecraft through a text channel (Kinda like IRC), assign yourself to roles (that gets access to certain channels), create private voice channels and more!
  • We are now running 1.10!
  • We have added "McMMO", a popular roleplaying plugin that should make your survival experience a bit more interesting. Do note that this is a huge plugin that is untested, so we probably have to fix and tweak things as we go along!
  • Members+ have access to /speedfly1 up to /speedfly5 in the CreativePlots world. BuilderT1+ have access to speedfly1 up to /speedfly6 in the Builder world.
  • Updates to hardcore:
    • The bridge jump is nerfed and should no longer be the cause of 99% of all deaths in hardcore.
    • You can now gear up with some rugged leather armor and a stone sword as well as some food as long as you have the money to do so! These items along with nether exclusives can be found in the "HardcoreShop", located in the spawn of hardcore.
    • Added a hologram to the spawn notifying people of the fact that you actually get banned from the world for 3 days if you die
  • Mob arena is now finally back! We'll have to balance it and change rewards etc, but at least it is up and running now
  • Whenever you witness someone's first login of the day you recieve 20 E-coins (5 if you are AFK).
  • Nether is now reset, so go grab yourself one of those fancy new blocks!
  • Updated/Fixed rank files

Also, make sure to welcome our newest staff member; KeiHisoka!

- Eithon Admin Team

Alpha over!

Neylion Owner posted May 27, 16

We have now decided that the server is in a state where we can start allowing everyone to join without signup, meaning the whitelist has now been removed and ultimately that our closed alpha is over. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the alpha as it has really helped us test things out. As a small token of our gratitude everyone who accumulated at least 10 hours during the alpha will earn themself 50 website points as well as a website award called "Alpha Tester". You will start seeing more of these awards pop up here and there, but as long as we don't have another alpha period in the future this one will not be attainable from this point on. Since we have not informed you about this and that there might be some of you out there with 9 hours and 50 minutes playtime we have however decided to make it possible to achieve this award during this weekend as well, so make sure to rack up some playtime this weekend if you want yourself a limited edition award that will obviously make your life better in general.

We would also like to point out that this will be a soft release, we won't begin advertising just yet as there are still a few things we would like to fix/introduce before we do. Make sure you continue to send any bugs you may encounter to myself or a fellow staff member on Discord! If all goes as planned we should start advertising the coming weekend or the weekend after that. We'll post another blog update when that rolls around, so make sure to stay tuned! To kick off you will be able to obtain Perklevel 5 for seven days by visiting the /Donationboard.

We hope you have enjoyed the alpha and that you'll continue to help us improve and grow our server! :)

- Eithon Admin Team

Hello everyone!

Next Friday (6/5) the old/current server will be whitelisted. The "new" server will after the weekend be entering a closed alpha period, so if you are interested in joining the alpha and test out the new server as soon as possible, leave a comment here stating your ingame name. Note that this will be an alpha period with frequent restarts and most likely filled with bugs that we will depend on you guys to report so we can fix them as soon as possible.

Here are some important things concerning the switch to the new server: 
  • The items that you have in your INVENTORY will disappear, it is therefore strongly suggested that you make sure everything that you hold dear is placed in chests before the old/current server closes.
  • The plots that have been claimed since we started working on the new server will most likely not have their plot data transfered to the new server. The plots will still be there, but will act as they are "unclaimed" plots. So if you know that you have claimed a plot in the last few weeks, make sure you write down the coords to your plot so you can run there and re-claim it when we open the new server.
  • All players will be reset to the new rank "Guest" when joining the new server. This is due to the fact that we have switched to a new permission plugin that unfortunately do not have an import feature. However, your stats will still be saved and /rankup will place you in the correct player rank. We will manually add you to any other ranks you may have had previously, such as VIP and staff ranks.
  • A lot of functions and features will most likely be missing from the server during the alpha period, we'll do our best to re-add them as the plugins update to 1.9.

Here are some general changes that between the new and the old server:
  • 1.9!
  • Server is now devided into 5 different servers rather than 2. More info on this and the benefit surrounding this in the post below!
  • Upgraded hardware.
  • A few minigame changes has been made. Mob ArenaBlockparty and TNTrun will unfortunately not be available at launch due to them not being updated to 1.9, but Paintball and CubeRunner will take their place.
  • Trusted ranks will be reset (Nobody will start off as "trusted" on the new server
  • We have introduced a new rank called "Guest" that will work as the starter rank and "New" will now be moved up to 1h and "Member" is now attained at 10h. This is to make the gap between the earlier ranks smaller. One example of what you as a user benefit from this is that you can now get 2 plots at 10 hours, rather than having to wait for the 24 hours mark. This also means that you as Citizen will have 3 instead of 2 and a legend+ user will be able to have 5 plots instead of the current 4. 
  • Builder and Builder+ ranks has been renamed to "BuilderT1" and "BuilderT2" for the following reasons:
    • Easily expanded, meaning we can add a "BuilderT3" if we want to in the future.
    • The "+" in Builder+ was confusing as we normally say "This is limited to [rank]+", which made it weird when we said the builder world was for builder+ when we meant builder rank and above.
    • It makes it obvious that there are more tiers of the building rank to work towards, many people seemed to be unaware that the Builder+ rank existed and this change should help with that.
  • Legendary has been renamed to Legend.

Thanks for continued shown interest. Hope to see you on the new server! 

- The Eithon Admin Team

udgf Veteran Whitelist please thanks =) IGN: udgf
mining_ninja42 Member IGN: Cpt_Wobbles Would love to join
LiteNuke Member My name is LiteNuke &amp; i would like to be whitelisted im old player!! Im back to join!!
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